The second Huawei Verified Step has just been released allowing developers to obtain analysis data about their published app in AppGallery. This includes report data such as download and installation, in-app purchases, and paid download.

About the new release 0.9.0 🎉

This first release includes customizable data about:

The Huawei Verified Step is already available and it means that anyone with an Android project, who needs to release an app in App Gallery, will be able to automatically deploy it through the new Bitrise Step.

About the new release 1.0.0 ✨

This new release includes the possibility of uploading and releasing the app completely in AppGallery Connect.

The previous version of the Step (0.9.0) offered the upload and release method simply as a draft. But this new release improves the process by letting to completely submit the app for review.

Before using this Step 🚧

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The ultimate, top priority as a developer should be writing the best possible code. At times, good practices may mean pushing back against deadlines, client demands, management demands, and fatigue. Business conditions often set boundaries on what’s “possible” but a developer always has at least some control over the quality of what he or she writes.

With that being said, software carried out well benefits everyone in the long run — clients, users, companies, and devs. …

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Some months ago, I was working in an Android project where I decided to create a view template that based on the sealed class received on the view, I was able to show different layout structures: one of those possible view structures would have a title, subtitle and image. Another one, those three elements plus an extra text field and so forth.

At some point, I felt the need of testing the type of sealed class that the View Model was able to notify the observer (View) through LiveData. …

The aim of this post is to guide people during the MockWebServer setup, without breaking any Clean Architecture principle, compromising the production code or adding boiler plate.

So far, I haven’t found a single example on the web which hasn’t broken at least one of these three principles. Until now. I’m going to set out my own example, which doesn’t break any of the above principles, and which will make coding easier for other developers who want to implement a similar approach using Dagger2 and MockWebServer.

Firstly, I will explain why the first approach was ‘not clean’, and why I…

Fernando Prieto

Developer Advocate at Huawei | Calisthenics Athlete

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